Visitor Information

Buka / Open

    Setiap hari pukul 8 pagi (8.00) sampai 8 malam (20.00)
    —Everyday at 8 am until 8 pm

Jika ingin tour guide (pemandu) saat kunjungan maupun kunjungan dalam jumlah banyak mohon konfirmasi dahulu ke 031-5342181 atau WA 0821 3214 3215. Terima kasih, kami tunggu kedatangan anda.

For visitation with a tour guide or group visit, please confirm with us at +6231-534 2181 or WhatsApp +62821 3214 3215. Thank you, we look forward to your visit.



The main entrance to the Museum is accessible with steps by means of a ramp.

    —Parking facilities:

Directly front the Museum (Maderstrasse) there is a parking lot for disabled persons, and a level entrance to the Museum.


A wheelchair-accessible toilet can’t be found.

    —Exhibition areas:

There are stairs to the Museum’s exhibition areas and galleries which are all easily accessible for wheelchairs. A wheelchair is not available for use if needed. Seating is provided in all exhibition areas.


The café is easily accessible.

    —Gift Shop:
    —Guided tours:

Guided tours through the permanent exhibition are available on request. Registration under :P: +62

    —Holiday playtime

The MKI-YKW has organized “holiday play & educational time” and family days specially for children and families. With its  creative workshops, music or play, the visit to the exhibition is turned into an instructive learning experience for children and their parents, too. “Holiday playtime” is a series of events lasting several days during school holidays. Family days mostly take place on Sundays during the school year.

    —Guided tours for groups

We offer guided tours for groups at specified times. Outside these times, tours for groups can also be organized by prior arrangement.

For further Information please contact:

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